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Name AMY Project HARIMAU-WPR dataset
Metadata Identifier AMY_HARIMAU_WPR_dataset20230727071027-AMY20130909130838-DIAS20221121113753-en



Name Hiroyuki Hashiguchi
Organization RISH, Kyoto University


Asian Monsoon Year Project

Name Prof. Jun Matsumoto, DSc
Organization Dept. of Geography, Tokyo Metrop. Univ.
Address Minami-Osawa 1-1, Hachioji, Tokyo, 192-0397, Japan
TEL 042-677-2596
FAX 042-677-2596

Data Integration and Analysis System

Name DIAS Office
Organization Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Address 3173-25, Showa-Cho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 236-0001, Japan


Name Hiroyuki Hashiguchi
Organization RISH, Kyoto University


Name Hiroyuki Hashiguchi
Organization RISH, Kyoto University




  • creation : 2013-07-01



The time-height plots of three components of wind velocity (zonal, meridional and vertical winds), echo power and spectral width of five radar beams in the lower troposphere between 0.2 and 10.0 km taken by the transportable wind profiler (called LQ7) at Pontianak in West Karimantan (0.00S, 109.37E, 90m MSL), Manado in North Suraesi (1.55N, 124.93E, 90m MSL), and Biak (1.18S, 136.10E, 15m MSL), Indonesia. File names are composed of date and variable abbreviations: (year)(month).(variable).gif (1-month plot) or (year)(month)(day).(variable).gif (1-day plot). The variable abbreviations are wnd, pwr and wdt, which mean wind velocity, echo power and spectral width, respectively. Local time is used for time data. The right panels of each time-height plot are 1-day or 1-month average profiles of each parameter as a function of height.

Topic Category(ISO19139)

  • climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere

Temporal Extent

Begin Date 2007-02-22
End Date Under Continuation

Geographic Bounding Box

North bound latitude 1.55
West bound longitude 109.37
Eastbound longitude 136.10
South bound latitude -1.18


Dimension Name Dimension Size (slice number of the dimension) Resolution Unit
time 10 (minute)
vertical 100 (m)


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Keyword Type Keyword Keyword thesaurus Name
place Asia > South Eastern Asia > Indonesia Country

Keywords on Project

Asian Monsoon Year Project
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place Asia Country
Data Integration and Analysis System
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theme DIAS > Data Integration and Analysis System No_Dictionary

Online Resource


Data Policy by the Data Provider

If you acquire HARIMAU-WPR data, we ask that you acknowledge us in your use of the data. This may be done by including text such as WPR data were obtained by the JEPP-HARIMAU and SATREPS-MCCOE projects promoted by JAMSTEC and BPPT under collaboration with RISH of Kyoto University, LAPAN, and BMKG. We would also appreciate receiving a copy of the relevant publications.

Data Policy by the Project

Asian Monsoon Year Project

1. No financial implications are involved for the AMY data exchange.

2. Commercial use and exploitation of AMY data is prohibited.

3. Any re-export or transfer of the original data received from the CDA archive to a third party is prohibited.

4. The origin of AMY data being used for publication of scientific results must be acknowledged and referenced in the publication.

5. AMY data users are strongly encouraged to establish direct contact with data providers for complete interpretation and analysis of data for publication purposes.

6. Co-authorship of data users and AMY Projects’ Principle Investigators on papers making extensive use of AMY data is justifiable and highly recommended.


@Whenever AMY data distributed by CDA are being used for publication of scientific results, the author(s) shall sent a copy of the respective publication, preferably in electronic form, to the CDA in order to build up a AMY publication library. CDA will maintain this library and will it make public, for example via CDA's web site, for a continuous monitoring of the AMY data applications and AMY's achievements in general.

Data Integration and Analysis System

If data provider does not have data policy, DIAS Terms of Service ( and DIAS Privacy Policy ( apply.

If there is a conflict between DIAS Terms of Service and data provider's policy, the data provider's policy shall prevail.


Acknowledge the Project

Asian Monsoon Year Project

Whenever AMY data distributed by the CDA are being used for publication of scientific results, the data's origin must be acknowledged and referenced. A minimum requirement is to reference AMY and the CDA. If only data from one observation site (or a limited number of observation sites) has been used, additional acknowledgement to the observation site(s) and its (their) maintaining institutions or organizations shall be given.

Maintaining continuous, high-quality measurements, performing quality and error checking procedures, and submitting data and related documentation to the CDA will require substantial financial and logistical efforts of the data providers. The necessary support for these observation site activities originate from a variety of international, national and institutional sources. The CDA shall make proper reference to all AMY data providers and, if required, to their funding sources.

Data Integration and Analysis System

If you plan to use this dataset for a conference presentation, paper, journal article, or report etc., please include acknowledgments referred to following examples. If the data provider describes examples of acknowledgments, include them as well.

" In this study, [Name of Dataset] provided by [Name of Data Provider] was utilized. This dataset was also collected and provided under the Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS), which was developed and operated by a project supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. "


Yamanaka, M.D., H. Hashiguchi, S. Mori, P. Wu, F. Syamsudin, T. Manik, Hamada J.-I., M.K. Yamamoto, M. Kawashima, Y. Fujiyoshi, N. Sakurai, M. Ohi, R. Shirooka, M. Katsumata, Y. Shibagaki, T. Shimomai, Erlansyah, W. Setiawan, B. Tejasukmana, Y.S. Djajadihardja, and J.T. Anggadiredja, HARIMAU Radar-Profiler Network over the Indonesian Maritime Continent: A GEOSS Early Achievement for Hydrological Cycle and Disaster Prevention, J. Disaster Res., 3, 78-88, 2008.

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