Integrated Research Program for Advancing Climate Models (TOUGOU Program) CMIP6 simulation data by Global Climate Model MIROC6: CMIP


Name Integrated Research Program for Advancing Climate Models (TOUGOU Program) CMIP6 simulation data by Global Climate Model MIROC6: CMIP
DOI doi:10.22033/ESGF/CMIP6.881
Metadata Identifier CMIP6_MIROC6_CMIP20200805141626-en



Name Hiroaki TATEBE
Organization JAMSTEC
Address 3173-25, Showa-machi,, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-city,, Kanagawa,, 236-0001, Japan


Name Takahiro INOUE
Organization JAMSTEC


Name Hiroaki TATEBE
Organization JAMSTEC
Name Masahiro WATANABE
Organization Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo




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"Integrated Research Program for Advancing Climate Models" ("TOUGOU Program") is a five-year project being implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ("MEXT") from FY2017 to FY2021 with the primary objective of elucidating the mechanisms of climate change and generating information on climate change projections through the development of climate models that will form the basis for all climate change countermeasures.

The TOUGOU Program consists of four research themes. The objectives of the theme A are to actively participate in the coupled model intercomparison project phase 6 (CMIP6) by using the global climate models developed in the previous programs, and to carry out many original climate model simulations to generate the forecast information necessary for the formulation of near-future adaptation and mitigation measures. Theme B aims to, such as, more precisely estimate CO2 emissions by using the Earth System Model (ESM), a climate model that incorporates biological and chemical processes into the global climate model.

This dataset contains the results of the CMIP (DECK experiment) by MIROC6, among the various simulations for CMIP6 that have been carried out in this TOUGOU Program using the global climate models and the Earth system models developed in Japan.

This work was supported by the Integrated Research Program for Advancing Climate Models (TOUGOU) Grant Number JPMXD0717935457 from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan.

All CMIP6 data are collected, managed and published by the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF), and DIAS serves as one node of the ESGF. All public datasets, including this dataset, are available from ESGF. Please refer to the CMIP6 Guidance for Data Users (see online info below) for information on the use of these datasets, including this dataset.

Topic Category(ISO19139)

  • climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere

Temporal Extent

Begin Date 1850-01-01
End Date 2015-01-01

Geographic Bounding Box

North bound latitude 90
West bound longitude -180
Eastbound longitude 180
South bound latitude -90


Keywords on Dataset

Keyword Type Keyword Keyword thesaurus Name
theme Climate GEOSS

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This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

See "CMIP6 Guidance for Data Users" for the detailed information.


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Tatebe, Hiroaki; Watanabe, Masahiro (2018). MIROC MIROC6 model output prepared for CMIP6 CMIP. Version YYYYMMDD[1].Earth System Grid Federation.

[1] Please use the latest dataset version or if not available the latest data download date as version in your data citation.

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Tatebe, H., Ogura, T., Nitta, T., Komuro, Y., Ogochi, K., Takemura, T., Sudo, K., Sekiguchi, M., Abe, M., Saito, F., Chikira, M., Watanabe, S., Mori, M., Hirota, N., Kawatani, Y., Mochizuki, T., Yoshimura, K., Takata, K., O'ishi, R., Yamazaki, D., Suzuki, T., Kurogi, M., Kataoka, T., Watanabe, M., and Kimoto, M.: Description and basic evaluation of simulated mean state, internal variability, and climate sensitivity in MIROC6, Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 2727–2765,, 2019.

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